The Holdcell toolbox

In a saturated marketplace, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to communicate effectively and genuinely with your prospective customers and clients. Here’s how Holdcell can help you...

Property Promotion Services

There are listings, and there are great listings. And so much more...

Branding & Corporate Image

Does your target audience know your brand and what it stands for?

Press & Media Planning

Keep in touch with the world, anduse your budget wisely...

Online Presence & Marketing

Do you need help navigating the ever-expanding virtual marketplace?


It’s all about knowing the options and explaining the differences.

Exhibition Planning

For many businesses, trade shows are a power fuel.
If you’re looking for a team of marketing professionals that can help your business grow, contact Holdcell.


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Here are some of the companies and brands that have trusted us and benefitted from our marketing expertise

Our Clients

Rapture Ltd, Mahema Ltd, Vivo Mare, Paschalis Developers, Fidescorp

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