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About us

A full-service marketing company, at your service

A strong marketing department is the best springboard for any company’s sales force. But as the scope of marketing has exploded, with the ever-increasing impact of online vehicles, few companies have the resources to handle all marketing related activities in-house.

In fact, most businesses now rely on an external marketing partner to a lesser or greater degree. And that’s where Holdcell comes into the picture.

As a full-service marketing company with both permanent staff and a broad network of tech-savvy associates, we can offer your business as much or as little assistance as you require to achieve your marketing objectives.

From consultancy to execution and everything in between

Even if you don’t know where or how to start promoting your product or service, all you have to do is contact us. Together we will examine your brand, study the competition, analyse your target audience and discover their sweet spot.

And once we define the most feasible strategy and balance it with your budget, we will guide you towards the best marketing plan that your money can buy. First we will work on reinforcing your brand. Then we build your brand image and communicate it to your market.

That could be online or offline, or both. It might rely heavily on advertising or focus more on exhibitions and trade shows – whatever works best for your business, in your particular industry sector.

Applying talent and technology

Depending on your requirements, we will engage the most suitable members of our team and network to develop, produce and deliver the necessary graphic solutions for corporate identity systems, print advertising material, signage and packaging. Others associates are dedicated to websites, web applications and web banners. Our media specialists can deal with the press and design a media plan, while an event management team will step in when you decide to attend exhibitions or trade shows.

In short, we will be your marketing partner, wherever and whenever you need us.

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